How to pick where to go

How do I pick where to go?

Well, there’s no specific strategy behind it for sure, lol. What excuses do I find, as I’m not on the road all the time? Read along.

  • What can top a cheap plane ticket, that’d be probably be #1 on my list. Just make sure rest of the trip won’t spoil that, have you picked the most expensive place to go (like I did in Norway) or what?

  • Friends living abroad or another city is always a good excuse, you might even get an accommodation for free, who knows 😉
  • It could be an inspiration from a tour agency’s ad on newspaper. Maybe you just liked the itinerary and not the prices and the date but think you can do it in your own right.
  • Or somewhere you’d long wanted to go but was far and all of a sudden a friend moves there. Now you have two excuses.
  • Accumulated flight miles and a campaign to reimburse them advantageously.
  • One-on-one testimonial from a friend, relative you can rely on.
  • A friend getting married in an exotic place on your bucketlist, one stone two birds!

Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding

  •  Friends living abroad or another city is always a good excuse, you might even get an accommodation for free, who knows 😉
  • You’ve got your long leave, perfect fit for a far destination by the beach or a culture trip covering, what, 10 cities all at once.
  • A romantic getaway, especially if already organized and presented 🙂
  • Why not try that yummy dish in the gastronomy city you’ve always wanted to go to.

Delicious food

  • A long weekend is ideal for many cities to cover and really get to know, so just pick one from your bucketlist or mine 🙂
  • Don’t you feel tired and it’s time you gave at least a short break? That sandy beach and snorkeling on the coral reef you’ve been postponing sound pretty charming.
  • Why not try an activity vacation? If you’re fit enough and like paragliding, ziplining, rafting, scuba diving, etc., try one of those.


[courtesy of activity company]

  • A neighbour city you can pop into, just like that, perhaps a short ride away. You’ve heard everyone talking about it, now it’s your turn. Have they exaggerated?
  • This traveler talking highly of a place and those amazing pictures taking your breath away!

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